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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  January 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the week, gas prices dropping again in greater cincinnati. the lowest prices we found were $1.39 a gallon. i feel like we are winning. good morning and thanks for joining us. randi: philip for less than 20 bucks, that' s a good thing -- fill up for less than 20 bucks, that' s a good thing. there may still be some snow on the road, don' t worry, it will melt away as we go through today. temperatures will make it back up to the 40' s. current temperatures, it is cool in harrison, 26 in hamilton and mason and 23 downtown. areas to the south where the snow is still there, you have
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generally with that snow, but we should melt it away through -- as we head through the day. clouds are clearing up quickly on the west side of town, so expect to see some sunshine. it is cool, but double digits, so better than any day last week at. this. point 37 and sunny by lunchtime. we should make it up to about 42 this afternoon. we stay between 38 and 42 all night, so it stays all rain and we are moving that out by this time, tomorrow morning. kyla , i know we have a car -- trouble of -- a couple of trouble spots. kyla: just north of findlay market is where we had this accident on central parkway at
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all of those lanes are closed on central parkway, so you will want to use mcmackin to get around. that accident is taking a quite a few of those lanes. we still have a water main break at route 28 in milford at branch held -- branch hill gaining pike. interstate travel has been off to a great start. lisa: new this mornning, a two-car crash in milford takes the life of a 16-year-old. the ohio state patrol says it happened just after 6:00 last night. lauren wilfong of loveland was traveling south on glendale milford road when officials says she ran off the road and overcorrected before hitting an oncoming suv. wilfong was taken to bethesda north hospital where she was pronounced dead. the other driver was not injured.
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or alcohol were factors in the crash. happening today a man suspected in a deadly new year' s eve accident heads to court. mark: wlwt news 5' s andrew setters in live with the charges. andrew: mark hoffman is set to come here for the arraignment, charged with murder for this . he collided head-on with another car. on kentucky 17 and independence. david and ella mcnay of covington died in the crash. mark hoffman was critically injured but survived. he was arrested friday morning and will be arraigned in kenton county court.
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-- counts, he faces the possibility of spending the rest of his life behind bars. lisa: a shooting in bond hill has turned deadly and police are still trying to track down the gunman. ieasha williams died over the weekend nine days after she was shot, while driving, in bond hill. investigators believe she was not the intended target. we are told a man in the passenger seat was the target, but police say he ran away after the crash. relatives say williams did not deserve to die but now she deserves justice. >> she did not deserve that, she did not deserve that, she has 3 small children. they need their mother and they don' t have their mother, and that' s not fair. lisa: investigators are still looking for the passenger and the suspect. if you know anything about this shooting, you are asked to call police. mark: we expect to learn more today about the death of a 23-year-old man considered suspicious. he was found dead early sunday morning in harrison. residents at the indian footprint apartments say they
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gunshots. by the time police arrived, the young man was dead. we are expecting to get an update from the coroner about the cause of death later today. lisa: police are investigating a double shooting that seriously injured one person. it happened saturday night in winton terrace. one person was hit in the foot. a second person suffered life threatening injuries, and was taken to u.c. medical center. so far there' s no word of any arrests. mark: happening tonight chief isaac and mayor cranley are taking steps to improve safety in cincinnati. they will host the second of a series of community meetings, to discuss the uptick in shootings and gather input from citizens issue. the meeting will take place at the evanston recreation center the first meeting was held earlier this month and the next meeting is february first at westwood town hall. lisa: this morning, millions of after this weekend' s massive blizzard. mark: at least 30 deaths have been blamed on the storm which dumped more than two feet in parts from the gulf coast to new england.
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alert desk with the latest. , miriah: the nation' s capital remains shut down as officials caution this will be a multi-day cleanup effort. >> while we have made some progress, there is still a lot more to do. we will work to continue to clear our major arteries. miriah: clearing the streets is one of the biggest challenges right now, especially secondary roads that haven' t been touched much. that along with frigid temps have caused area schools to close. the house postponing votes in congress until next week. but other parts of the country are getting back on track. in new york, train service will resume for the morning commute. in pennsylvania, people who were stuck on the turnpike are finally free and back home. one thing that' s not back to normal yet air travel. , hundreds of flights are already canceled today but the good news is that airports here
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lisa: kentucky' s governor is facing backlash after he traveled to new hampshire while kentucky was under a state of emergency. matt bevin returned to his native state to speak at a republican town hall. emergency management says the governor kept in touch while he bevin' s spokeswoman says he also met with companies interested in relocating to kentucky. mark: super bowl 50 is set after a full day of football on sunday. the afc championship went to the denver' s defense was all over tom brady and peyton manning did just enough to get it done. the broncos beat the patriots 20 to 18. after that former bengals quarterback carson palmer was in action and it was not a good day for carson and the cardinals. he threw four interceptions and the panthers dominated the game. carolina blasted the cardinals 49 to 15. so here it is. the football season finale. super bowl 50 is sunday february
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carolina is taking on denver in santa clara and kick-off is set for 6:30. lisa: why a flight was forced to land in canada. mark: inmates still on the run after a chair -- daring escape this weekend. it is clear right now, but things are changing. randi: how about a warm-up, temperatures starting off in the 20' s. we have 28 degrees just north of westchester. 26 in milford, a double-digit start to the day. i would expect we could see light showers and temperatures s. near 50 by the weekend. the areas in town that did see some snow this weekend.
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>> you are watching cincinnati' s wlwt news five, leading the way. mark: taking a live look outside, things are moving quite well. let' s get a closer check on the roadways and the morning commute. things could change in a hurry. kyla: we are starting off dry9. we had a few incidents, one on central parkway has cleared. it looks like we have a broken down tractor-trailer on 71 northbound at the 275
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we still have an incident in milford on route 28, a big thoroughfare through that area at branch hill ginny pike. crews are working hard trying to get the area assaulted and reopened, but it is closed at this hour -- area assaulted -- salted and reopened, but it is closed at this hour. lisa: this is a still frame from the video, the group -- the gruesome 18 minute attack -- tape shows the attackers last -- the identities of the victims are not known. mark: seven people were injured when an american airlines flight hit turbulence over the atlantic last night. the plane had to be diverted to
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were taken to the hospital. american airlines confirmed three flight attendants and four passengers were transported. lisa: authorities say they are exhausting every lead and need the public' s help -- as they search for prison inmates who used an elaborate plan to escape a maximum-security prison in southern california. an earthquake has rocked alaska, it happened early sunday. they destroyed four homes and knocked out power to about 4800 people and was built by anchorage residents. 30 other homes were evacuated and no one was hurt. the aftershocks could be built for the next several weeks. mark: for most football fans in carolina sunday was perfect the -- perfect.
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the arizona cardinals and one of the big plays got one fan a little too excited this actually involved a hometown guy st. xavier grad luke kuechly. >> here' s a look at the play, luke was ready for carson palmer' s pass and he went to the endzone, after this interception. he was celebrating with fans when one fan fell over the wall and onto the field. [laughter] kuechly being the gentleman he is tries to give the fan a hand , back up. it was a hard spill but it did [laughter] excitement. mark: it looks like he was ok. it' s a good thing the washington redskins season has been over for a couple weeks. the blizzard that hammered the east coast knocked down the redskins training facility.
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the dome in ashburn virginia. it' s unclear if anyone was inside the dome when it collapsed. police say no one was hurt. the redskins are planning to re-inflate the facility after crews remove the snow. >> not just a problem for the redskins check out this bowling , alley in virginia. this has been a popular spot for more than 35 years but officials say the roof buckled under the snowfall late saturday night. this area got nearly two feet of snow. mark: the redskins thing is not such a bad thing, they have to blow that up and start all over anyway. lisa: they are not exactly training anytime soon. [laughter] randi: we are looking at temperatures, today and downtown cincinnati did not get hit. had about 10 miles south and that is where all the heavy
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cvg did pick up about two inches of snow. after december, there were crickets, it was very warm and not at all snowy. we will not be giving with any sort of snow in the forecast this week aside from a couple of flurries. today, we are talking about rain with clouds east of downtown cincinnati that clear route through southeastern indiana. we will see sunshine today. 23 degrees right now at cvg, 21 in harrison. generally, when you have a snowpack on the ground, temperatures are little bit cooler, but we were ends up into the 40' s and by 5:00, expect
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of us and for at least several hours, the sun will be shining, so we get a good bit of melting. is 37 degrees, 3:00, clouds roll back in and temperatures make it to the two degrees and stay there, scattered showers arrive around 6:00 or little bit after and stay. the first part of the afternoon and clouding up by 3:00. in the evening, rain showers move in and it is not a huge issue with scattered rain overnight, have yesterday on midnight and then into early tomorrow morning. a cold front rolls through before dawn tomorrow morning so we are dealing with rain showers that will move off to the east, that is why temperatures stay in the upper 30' s, maybe a chance for a stray flurry late on tuesday afternoon. today,
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mild for this time of year. -- 32 degrees, turning cloudy and generally mild for this time of year. aside from wednesday, close to freezing for the high with temperatures back up in the 40' s and 50 degrees by saturday afternoon. mark: a deadly listeria outbreak, the packaged salads getting recalled and the connection to ohio. lisa: progress on the pennsylvania turnpike after hundreds of cars got stuck. randi: we start off dry. we do still have an incident in milford that has closed a portion of state route 28. interstate travel looks great.
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lisa: welcome back. we hope it is a great start to your monday. mark: let' s get a closer look at what is happening on the 4 -- on the road. kyla: we have had a few things here and there, fortunately nothing major. accident on central parkway at
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the ramp from eastbound i-74 to northbound i 75 blocked by a broken down vehicle. this is the time of the morning where we start to get that heavier volume, so it may back things up with that ramp closure. north and southbound rolling right along, just at a slower pace. for those heading from northern kentucky ended cincinnati, things getting heavy but no big delays in that northbound direction. we will check again on other parts of the greater cincinnati commute coming up. mark: a listeria outbreak linked to ohio has now been linked to one death and has put 11 other people in the hospital. dole is calling for a voluntary recall of their packaged salads in 23 different states including ohio, kentucky and indiana. the one person who died so far, lived in michigan. the ohio department of agriculture found the contamination at a production plant in springfield, ohio and
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>> the likely source in the outbreak in the dole plant is listeria monocytogenes that were brought in on the lettuce plants that were harvested. mark: salads with a product code beginning with the letter a in the upper right-hand corner of the package are affected. some of the salads with that code were made for supermarkets including marketside at walmart, little salad bar at aldi and fresh selections sold at kroger. lisa: lanes are back open following a massive backup on the pennsylvania turnpike that left drivers stuck for days. it began friday night when a tractor trailer jack-knifed on the turnpike stopping traffic. , eventually hundreds of cars were stranded and then the rescue efforts began. several agencies responded including the pennsylvania , national guard. >> they did everything from hand out food, bottles of water to people that had been stranded for hours and hours on the
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pushing out, pulling out, directing and helping people. lisa: even though everyone is safe, turnpike officials say they' ll be doing an extensive review of how they handled the situation. mark: that is absolutely crazy. news crews got stuck, a basketball team, it was crazy. randi: glad that all stayed south of here. piles of snow where they exist will be melting away, today. those of you running and training for the flying pig marathon will be dodging some slushy sidewalks. we start off in the mid 20' s, so around 24 or so. 42 degrees by 6:00 with a few showers on the way.
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re running late this evening, you will be dealing with some light rain. always send me your pictures through twitter or on my facebook page so that we can share and the fun that is training for the paid -- pig. by the time we hit the weekend, we have 50 degrees on saturday. mark: water problems now hitting an ohio town, the response after fighting -- finding elevated levels of lead.
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lisa: four suspects had to court on a deadly shooting. violence. mark: a water crisis just up the road, the ohio town trying to clean up coming out. lisa: jimmy fallon is stepping helping another city in need. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news five today.
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look outside. things are changing. lisa: we have weather and traffic together. five miles this way or 20 miles that way and it was crazy. randi: from one side of the county to the other, you go from a dusting to several inches of snow. the places that still have the snow on the ground, it will melt away, we are talking 40' s and maybe even if these by the end of the week. -- even 50' s by the end of the week. cloud star to clear out a little
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looking at a map bowl of double digits is nice compared to last week when we started off in the single digits. 23 in cvg, dry ridge at 24. springboro looks to be the warmer spot at 27. bring on the sunshine and start to melt away the snow. eight, sunshine and 25 degrees. at noon, we are at 37 degrees. by 5:00, we are at 42. rain showers approach as through southeastern indiana. it stays all rain all night and temperatures stay steady at 40. this weekend, temperatures roads.
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up, but no major problems. another incident that popped up at cornell road and reed hartman highway. no road -- no word on closures. we still have a closure in milford on state route 28 at branch hill any pike. keep that in mind if you are traveling in that area. interstate travel looks pretty good, it is getting heavy both east and west bound. you are still good to go, just a little bit of a crowd, which is to be expected at this time of the morning. lisa: new this morning. the ohio state highway patrol is now saying a 16-year-old has died after a crash in milford. mark: dan griffin is live with what we are learning about the victim and the crash.
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for parents and teenagers alike. we have seen a lot of reaction on social media as the morning is moving along. the crash happened last night just after 6:00 in milford. patrol tells us lauren wilfong was driving south on glendale milford road. she ran off the right side of the road, overcorrected and crashed into an oncoming suv. the man in the suv was not hurt, but lauren was pronounced dead at the hospital. investigators say they do not believe drugs or alcohol were factors, but they do believe that lauren was not wearing a seatbelt. we will keep working on getting more details as we move through the morning. lisa: happening today, a man heads to court facing charges in a deadly new year'
6:29 am
andrew: mark huffman is charged with murder and will be arraigned in kenton county. investigators say he was behind the wheel of a car on new year' s eve at independent that hit another vehicle head-on. markup hoffman was critically hurt, two people died in the accident. investigator said at the time that mark huffman missed a turn. they would not comment back then about the possibility of drugs or alcohol being involved, but now he is recovering from his injuries and is charged with murder, two counts, he could -- life behind bars. mark: also new this morning the , hamilton county sheriff'
6:30 am
office is investigating a robbery in green township. we are told a man robbed the family dollar on colerain avenue sunday night. the suspect held an employee at gunpoint and demanded cash. he ran away from the scene and because his face was covered investigators do not have a , solid description of the suspect. if you can help with the investigation, please call police will stop happening -- lisa: happening today another , round of hearings for the four suspects facing charges for a deadly shooting in west chester. arraignments are set today for demarcus staley justin koch cook jibril willingham and rodney foster. 18-year-old tyler kassow was shot and killed earlier this month. investigators say drugs played a role in the attack. according to police reports there was a small marijuana grow operation inside kassow' s west chester home where the shooting took place. all 4 suspects are charged with murder. mark: the death of a 23-year-old 23-year-old, man is being investigated as suspicious. residents at the indian footprint apartments say they heard an argument and gunshots, early sunday morning.
6:31 am
young man was dead. we are expecting to learn more about the cause of death from the coroner later today. lisa: tonight show host jimmy fallon is rallying support for flint, michigan during the city' s water crisis. fallon is donating $10,000 to water improvement efforts, he made the announcement on twitter using the hashtag water for flint and he called on others to donate. the money will go to the community foundation for greater flint to support the michigan city' s recovery from lead-poisoned water. mark: more support for flint here at home. a group that calls itself cincinnati supports flint left sunday morning to deliver safe drinking water and they worked with the red cross to distribute the water. >> this could happen in cincinnati, this could happen anywhere and we figured that taking water, water is not expensive its something that everyone can chip in on and once kroger donated the truck we didn' t really have any reason
6:32 am
mark: the group arrived back in cincinnati last night. now there are some water issues, here in ohio. lisa: miriah turner is at the live alert desk with the latest on the problems to our north. miriah: this is happening in northern ohio outside youngstown. the city of sebring is dealing with a water crisis very similar to flint' s. classes in the sebring school district have been called off today. officials also cancelled school friday, after testing showed high levels of lead in the water. environmental officials say they do not believe the town' s treatment plant is to blame, they say the problem could be with the lead pipes found inside older homes. >> as it goes into the older residential lines and into residential plumbing and it' s not being used or poured out of the faucets and it' s sitting for any amount of time. mark: volunteers have also been handing out bottled water in sebring and there are clinics testing residents for lead. the sebring water system serves around 8100 customers and the
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treatment plant to come up with a solution. mark: ohio real estate officials are rolling out an app to keep agents safe. the real agent guard app provides safe locations near you to meet strangers. it alerts colleagues where, and when, a realtor is meeting a client. and provides a panic button, connected to the office and police. the app also records open-house guests. this was developed after an arkansas real estate agent was kidnapped and killed. lisa: later today, cincinnati councilwoman yvette simpson is providing some insight on the future of the queen city. simpson is making a presentation after working with the youth commission of cincinnati. she will be discussing the second phase of a study focusing on the many factors impacting cincinnati' s youth. simpson says the city' s younger population is hopeful about the future but also facing significant challenges. mark: we have the matchup for
6:34 am
championship games on sunday. the carolina panthers are taking on the denver broncos. both teams will have a couple weeks to recover and prepare. the big game is february seventh in santa clara and kick-off is set for 6:30 on super bowl sunday. tell us who you think is going to win the big game on our wlwt facebook page. lisa: let' s check traffic. kyla woods, good morning. kyla: we have been off to a mostly clear start with a couple of incidents here and there. 74 at was a woman right near the 275 interchange, rings are moving right along. we are dealing with evenly spread volume in both directions. in warren county, 71, still looks good and a bit heavier southbound on the jeremiah
6:35 am
closures, nothing that will slow you down either northbound or southbound. let' s check in with randi rico. randi: the seven day forecast does not have a single day with a high temperature below freezing, so that is a good. and. temperatures this morning on the cool side. we are in the 20' s, but way better than last week. cvg is 23 degrees. wilmington right now sitting at 24. after school, the sun will be out and temperatures all the way up into the ortiz, -- up into the 40' s. mark: we may need a recount for the heisman trophy, the police officer showing some areas moved
6:36 am
some serious moves in a pickup football game. a live look outside , as we get off to a clear and mild start.
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>> happening now, a water main
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route 28, the road is closed in both directions. winter blast devastated many parts of the country, but there is also some nice moments to tell you about in the snow. mark: miriah turner joins us with some of the fun. miriah: a story to lighten the mood for d.c. one of the hardest , hit areas with about two feet of snow on the ground. when the blizzard hit a couple officers couldn' t resist joining a pick-up game of football in the snow. the officers were really getting into it too. one officer made a catch knocked down one young man and then rumbled down the street for what looked like a touchdown. after that video made the rounds online the d.c. police , department sent out a tweet that said it was going to be the best stiff arm of the weekend including the big games on sunday. [laughter] lisa: it really looked like it too. happening this week ohio is , marking its national school choice week with a number of
6:40 am
governor john kasich has issued an official proclamation in support. the goal is to raise awareness of education options for children including public , charter schools, public magnet schools and private schools. ohio state university announced a multi million dollar expansion in available financial aid. the president says an additional will be available to nearly $20 million 16,000 undergrad students. that includes regional campus 3000 students. mark: later today city leaders , in hamilton are looking for input when it comes to a proposed trail. lisa: it' s being called the hamilton beltline trail, the proposed trail follows the train tracks from millville avenue to the old champion paper mill. here' s a look at where the trail will run. it is the green-dotted line on this map. the rail company csx was operating along this route but the company is abandoning the rail line. hamilton city leaders say this is an opportunity to connect the west side of hamilton to exisiting trails running through other parts of town. before the city does anything, they want to hear from hamilton residents. there is a meeting tonight to
6:41 am
lane public library. that meeting is scheduled to go from 5:00 until 8:00 all stop -- 8:00. lisa: donations are pouring in for a campaign aimed at helping foster children right here in greater cincinnati. the gloves for love campaign first kicked off earlier this month and will go through february 12. the goal is to collect as many gloves, mittens, hats and scarves for children in foster care. so far, more than 2500 gloves have been collected. the goal is to collect 10,000 total. mark: let' s check in with randi. we have a mild start. [laughter] randi: i love that 20 degrees is a mild start.
6:42 am
some late day showers, but those are rain showers because we will make it up to the low 40' s. starting up this morning, we still have some clouds over top of downtown right along the 75 core door, but look up north of 74 and these guys have cleared out, i expect several hours of sunshine and the clouds roll right back in. a whole lot of nothing going on right now in kansas, but this will move in our direction on the warmer side of things so we are looking at rain showers this evening. wind out of the south at eight miles per hour, it goes like 14 degrees, but we' re still not hearing too many complaints. 8:00 a.m., clear in chile and 35 degrees. we only have one day this week with temperatures close to freezing for the high. 3:00, clouds are building in and by 6:00, rain showers are on the
6:43 am
the evening commute should be generally dry. by 7:00 and 8:00, rain showers approach from southeastern indiana. scattered showers overnight into early, tomorrow morning. the back edge of the rain will move enduring -- will move out during the morning rush, tomorrow. once that moves out, tomorrow afternoon, kind of stuck in the 30' s and maybe a stray straggler flurry on tuesday. 42 degrees today. it will turn cloudy this afternoon with rain showers moving in this evening and overnight. light rain and study temperatures only dipping down to the mid-30' s -- steady temperatures only getting down to the mid-30' s.
6:44 am
s by thursday and keeping it conservative with a 49 degree high on saturday, he could easily be up into the 50' s -- we could easily be up into the 50' s. kyla: a water main break is an issue that has been lingering in milford at state route 28. we have a live picture from the scene. this could time you up in the area. it looks like they still have quite a bit of work to do, so try to avoid this area. it is still very active, so avoid that for maybe another hour or so. travel times right now across the board, 60 minutes out of butler said -- butler county on 75 southbound.
6:45 am
at a pretty low 19 minutes in the travel time in northern kentucky and north and southbound moving right along with no significant delays. not a lot of extra time is needed. mark: -- lisa: charged with murder after a crash on new year' s eve. mark: the latest on the suspect. lisa: much of the east coast is buried, efforts to get back to normal after the winter blast this morning -- this weekend. mark: a nice shot of a full moon and a nice and clear start to the day.
6:46 am
back. this situation, crews working on the water main break on state route 28 in miami township. lisa: we are checking top stories of the morning a man , suspected in a deadly new year' s eve accident heads to mark: court today. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters in live with the charges. andrew: investigators say 58-year-old mark huffman was driving when he hit and killed
6:47 am
s eve. he is now charged with murder and will appear in court today. investigators say he was on ky-17 when he failed to make the turn onto pelly road in indepedence. police say he hit another car had on. david and ella mcnay of covington died in the crash. the couple left behind two children. huffman has been in the hospital recovering from injuries. he was arrested on friday and charged with murder. one of the things that is not clear is what led to the charge. we will find out more in court this morning. lisa: our second top story, a community is grieving after a 16-year-old girl was killed in a car crash in milford. dan griffin is live with what we are learning about the victim and the crash. dan: certainly a lot of devastation this morning all stop we are seeing an outpouring of support on social media.
6:48 am
-- 6:00 in milford, ohio highway patrol tells us lauren wilfong, 16-years-old was driving south in a coupe on glendale-milford re told she ran off the right side of the road, overcorrected and crashed into an oncoming t hurt. wilfong was pronounced dead at bethesda north hospital. investigators say it doesn' t appear drugs or alcohol were factors in the crash, but wilfong wasn' t wearing a seatbelt. lisa: city leaders are hosting another meeting focusing on crime in the city. it is the second in a series of committee meetings to discuss the uptick in violence and gather input from citizens about how to deal with the issue. the meeting happens at the evidence and recreation center from 6:30 until a: 30.
6:49 am
mark: they long cleanup continues after the historic snowstorm dumped feet of snow up and down the east coast over the weekend. the iesco -- the snow is impacting -- and acting group was set to perform today but they are stuck due to the weather. lisa: have you heard? super bowl 50 is going to feature the carolina panthers and the denver broncos. former bengal nelson palmer through several singles. the big game is from where he seven in santa clara with kickoff set for 6:30. randi: we had a great game.
6:50 am
done like four weeks ago, right? [laughter] as we take a look at the seven day forecast, 42 degrees this morning -- starting up this morning in the 20' s but it does not feel too bad, noon we are at 37 degrees and by 4:00, 42. we are talking showers by 6:00, maybe closer to 8:00. the rain will be gone by this time tomorrow morning and during the day, temperatures do not move much. we don' t see too many flurries, then it is about the warm-up with getting up above 50 degrees on saturday.
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